Did Society Confuse Us?

Did Society Confuse Us?

Did society confuse us?????

 I think that Black women have been conditioned to think that our natural beauty is insufficient, nonexistent, and not nearly as sexy as our white or mixed counterparts?

From a young age, we learned that processing our hair and lighten our skins tone would get us the best jobs, men, and social circle. Some of us sat through our first perm at 10 years old, a head full of weave at 12, and that bleaching cream starting at 14. The crazy part is, we developed these insecurities from our own parents and past generations before them. Although they may have thought that they were doing what’s best for us, they were really building on the 50 plus years of insecurities that they themselves withstood at the hand of their slave master.

It’s mind bottling to me that We (yes, I said we) have told ourselves that we’re not good enough for the black men that we create. Start realizing that our children wouldn’t be pretty enough, if we procreated with a man that shares in our rich history, skin tone, and hair texture. Sadly, our standard of beauty in 2018 is still the European one, and we are not happy until the surgeon makes our nose completely straight and the hairdresser removes all the kinks, curls and coils from out hair.

Social media will only publicize us if the skin tone is light and the body is to “their’ standard for likes.

I know I’m getting deep, but damn we have been conditioned…. what happened to our rich history as a people?

We come from a bloodline of some of the most beautiful, strong and powerful people.  We exuberate strength, resiliency, and inspiration. After living through 400 hundred years of slavery, we fought hard for our freedom; and still bought into the notation that we are just not good enough. Denouncing our blackness has become the norm, and the bruises from old wounds are still left open.

Yes, in some ways I feel like a hypocrite writing this post because I’ve had the perms, bleaching cream, and the million-dollar installments. But, I also feel a sense of ownership, peace, and readiness to live differently. Let’s make something perfectly clear, there is nothing wrong with weave and or a perm. The point is that we should all feel that we are beautiful no matter or skin color, hair texture or facial features. Social media should never dictate the normal standard of beauty to our children because we weren’t all created to look the same. So, live your truth and love every part of you, knowing that each part was built for greatness.

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