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Vie Dor De Stacey

Beach Day

Welcome to my imperfect domain, where everyone’s thoughts and ideas are considered
seemingly perfect. My hope is that every word written, leaves you feeling refreshed and
inspired to become a better version of you. Thank you, for your willingness to walk side by side
with me, as we embark on my personal journey through, motherhood, faith, relationships, and
everyday life experiences. I hope you benefit from each and every story that you read and feel
more encouraged and motivated to become a better version of YOU!

I’m a young professional living in the South Florida area. A single mom of one, who decided that
living her own truth and sharing her life experiences through the virtual world will make a
difference in the lives of others. I’m a go-getter, with a stated fast spirit, who believes that
through God all things are possible. An inspiring writer, with 10 years’ experience helping
children and families to put the pieces of their lives back together. A full-time student, full-time
mom, and full time professional, with a desire to become a better mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

At this very moment, it’s become clear to me that I’m never too old to learn and never too
young to teach, and never too tired to serve. Each and every life experience was an intricate
part of my Journey and every bump and bruise left behind, tells a distinct life story.
I’m so inspired more than ever, to LIVE, WALK and Speak my truth…

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