When the Inside Defines the Outside

When the Inside Defines the Outside

I’ve thought about sharing my personal health journey with the world for a very long time, however, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to share such a deep story yet. I mean, body image is just such a sticky subject for me, and I feel like it’s so much deeper than what we all see in the mirror. The way we see ourselves on the outside is a clear depiction of how we feel emotionally on the inside.

I have struggled with my weight, my entire life, and when I say struggle, I really mean exactly that. Name your favorite diet plan, health club, weight loss pill or even purging routine, and I can guarantee you I’ve tried them all. I call myself the yo-yo girl. One week I’m the fat girl, and the next I’m struggling to find my inner skinny girl again. My weight fluctuates from a low of 135lb to the highs of 200lb. Please don’t ask me where I am now, because I have absolutely no idea ( I refused the scale ). Which brings me to the reason why I’m even sharing my story; I’m sharing because we are better than what’s in the mirror, better than the number on the scale, and even better than the fake bodies we think we measure up to on social media.

I am learning that if I focus less on my external body image, I can do more work internally. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with my weight, however, I’m much more conscious of my thought process and where it leads me after I have stepped on a scale or even a quick glance in the mirror. I’m learning how to remain focused on a goal, eating healthier, exercising daily and filling my mind spiritually, is much better for my inner peace. I think with these small life changes, we can all become a better version of ourselves.

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