Who Are You?

Who Are You?

When most people asked, who are you; I often responded with; I’m Stacey, a mother, daughter, student, and a college grad. But, was this really who I was? When did I start identifying myself based on my accomplishments in life? When did “things” start to define me as a person?

Although my answers weren’t terribly wrong, they really weren’t correct either. They were based on things I thought identified me as a person, rather than my true identity in Christ. But, I know better know, and I was convicted in such a way that drove me to do some research on my identity.

What I discovered was,  God created me to be, live, breath and dwell in him. Everything in my life was designed and orchestrated by him. He has allowed all things to happen through him; good, bad or indifferent, but somehow, I shied away from that, creating my own definition of identity. My definition was identity was on my personal accomplishments as well as my shortcomings.

But, I’m so thankful for the spirit of discernment, the spirit of revelation, and the unwavering love of God. Thankful that I’m NOT defined by sin’s, shortcomings or my mistakes. I am fully aware now that my identity is rutted and grounded in him, and that can never and will never be changed.

I finally realize that I can never be God of my own life, or most importantly, I’m nothing without God. So, my answer to the who am I question is different now. I have chosen to believe the truth about who God said I am, rather than what I depicted me to be.

 So next time when the question of who you are is posed, remember that your response should never be on your accomplishments or shortcomings, but rather in God’s word.

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